Photography Techniques for All Photoshoot Types

photography techniques Showcasing a property for sale using natural light

So let’s talk photography techniques. Do you know your ‘candid’ from your ‘lifestyle,’ your ‘portrait’ from your ‘unposed’? If a fear of knowing what will get the best from your business images is holding you back then fear not! I’m here to break it down and ‘Simplify’ that photography lingo.

Commercial Headshot

What makes a headshot so special? After all Wikipedia, defines headshots as ‘the photographic technique where the focus of the photograph is a person’s face’, but isn’t that what all photographs do?

Obviously commercial headshots are those taken of people in a business, but the true meaning of a commercial headshot is the purpose behind them – how and why they are being used and the message they should ultimately convey. Headshots are vital to your company portfolio; they will be letting people know about you and your staff before they even meet you – they need to capture a true and approachable representation.

You will be pleased to hear that headshots don’t have to be formal and rigid. Although there is a time and a place for traditional headshots, there has definitely been a move towards a more relaxed and candid, unposed style of shoot (the type I love!). You can also opt for lifestyle, black and white, portrait or white background shots and the type of shot you choose will depend very much on what you want the images to convey.

Product and food photography is aimed at showcasing your products and culinary delights in the best way possible.

There are two main types of product photography – the first is a ‘clean-cut’ product image, usually taken against a white background to create impact and minimal distractions. These images work best in e-commerce listings when you are trying to showcase your product and don’t want it to get lost amongst the background or surroundings.

Using a white background also means that the item can easily be cropped and re positioned for future use.

The second type of product photography uses lifestyle images, where products are photographed in the environment for which they are intended. Eg; A collection of mugs in a kitchen or walking boots on a model in a field or a roast dinner on shiny white porcelain.

The lifestyle style shoot works well for both food and clothing shoots (and is great as social media posts), where including the environment in the background gives greater depth and realism and encourages an emotional reaction to your products. After all, you want to make people hungry for your products.

When it comes to photography techniques within commercial and residential property photography requires the cunning use of angles and, in my case, natural light, to really capture the essence of a building.

When photographing industrial or commercial workspaces the architectural details can make the difference in what might otherwise be ‘just another’ workspace. Lifestyle techniques can also work well for property shoots – photographing people at work, using the space, or with props and dressings to create a particular atmosphere.

Photography should showcase your staff, products and property in the best way possible and choosing the right photography techniques for your project is key to its success. That is where the benefits of using a professional photographer really come to the fore.

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